Dru Yoga - Yoga for Every Body

Soul Glow Dru Yoga classes are suitable for every body. You don’t need to be able to turn yourself into a pretzel to enjoy the amazing benefits of yoga and find that elusive feeling of peace. 

Dru yoga could be described as mindful yoga. With its flowing sequences and asanas that are synchronised with the breath, it has the potent effect of releasing tension both in the body and the mind.

I can guarantee you’ll walk away feeling far more relaxed and centred than when you arrived.



Being in the present moment is a place where most of us don’t spend enough time. We are normally planning what we are going to do or ruminating on what we have done.  Present moment awareness builds greater resilience to stress and allows more access to the good stuff like happiness and well-being. When we focus on our senses it immediately brings us into the present moment.

This modality of yoga really lends itself to constantly returning to the senses with its focus on synchronising movement with breath during the flowing sequences and asanas. All classes ending with a therapeutic and rejuvenating relaxation.

Time: Friday mornings 9.30am-10.45am (during term time)

Location: 3 Anzac Parade, Denistone (there are limited spaces at this location so please message me on my contact page to book in)




Dru yoga evening classes are a great way to unwind after a long, busy day. Whether it’s dealing with colleagues or kids, taking a break from that and taking some time for yourself is so important. These classes still include the flowing sequences and asanas, stretching and lovely rejuvenating relaxation, just done in a slower manner to classical music.

Time: Wednesday evenings 7.30pm-8.45pm (during term time)

Location: 3 Anzac Parade, Denistone (there are limited spaces at this location so please message me on my contact page to book in)



Spending a lot of my life in the corporate setting I recognise the value that Dru yoga can provide. It’s the perfect yoga modality for the work place. Sweat-free in-house yoga sessions focused on relieving stress, reversing the negative effects of sitting for long periods and hunched over screens as well as revitalising the body and mind. I can customise a program that suits and provide the necessary accessories.

Quotes available on request. If interested please enquire on my contact page.



The type of yoga I teach is particularly suitable for seniors with it’s gentle, flowing movements and there are plenty of modifications to allow for any challenges with limited range of movement that naturally comes as we age.

No classes are currently scheduled but if I have enough interest I'd love to do some senior-specific classes. It is also possible for me to come and run classes at any common spaces within senior communities. If interested please enquire on my contact page.



If you are suffering from cancer or any debilitating condition, I can offer a customised class that allows for any stage. Having experienced it, my wish is to find you some peace in amongst it all. From sitting yoga through to visualisation, regardless of your current physical challenges, I can provide you with a yoga experience that will improve your state of being.

No classes are currently scheduled however if there's enough interest I will find a space and a time. If interested please enquire on my contact page.